Transforming hospitality and commercial spaces

Artificial grass in bars, restaurants, hotels, retail shops, convention centers and other commercial businesses: to follow the trend or not? If you want to leave a memorable impression on your guests, the answers is ‘Absolutely!’. You’ll create a unique look and feel, without having to worry about maintenance or cleanliness. 

Rooftop hotel pool grass

Refurbishing on a budget

Using landscape turf allows you to redesign your business without breaking the bank. On the contrary, by creating a cozy beer garden, a refreshing waiting area, a lush entrance or a trendy rooftop bar, you’ll lure in more guests and quickly regain your investment. No outside area to transform? Indoor use, from covering furniture to attaching landscape turf to the wall, offers plenty of creative opportunities as well. 

Hotel view of pool and grass

A 10/10 for convenience

Here we go: landscape turf can be installed on just about any surface, doesn’t discolor, requires little to no maintenance, is highly hygienic, lasts for many years, and can be recycled after it has served its purpose. Oh, and it’s perfectly suitable for pets and children. Last but not least, installing Turfgrass is a breeze, especially with one of our certified installers by your side. 

Hotel in the mountains with turfgrass along pool

Make it YOUR design

If you have a business in the hospitality or commercial industry, you’ll probably have a recognizable brand name, a logo and some favorite colors. Good news: Turfgrass allows you to choose your own landscape turf design and even lets you incorporate interactive elements, such as game prints. In other words, whether you want to have a vivid yellow touch or a chessboard pattern in your yard, all options are on the table. 

Poolside with turfgrass and palm tress

Safe, clean and stunning pool areas

It’s hardly a secret anymore: landscape turf is the perfect surface to surround your swimming pool. Because of its excellent drainage capacity, you’ll never see slippery puddles or mud again. Quite the contrary, your lawn will be picture-perfect all the time. And if you’re concerned about the complex shape or structure of your pool area: don’t be. Turfgrass is easily installed in any setting and you won’t have a worry afterwards. 

Pools surrounded by turfgrass

Top-selling landscape turf for hospitality

Euphoria Product

Energizing and refreshing - 40mm

turfgrass galatea product view

Softness and density in balance - 30 mm

Styx Product

Dense and bushy like a real lawn


Fire protection? Check

Fire safety is not only a legal requirement, you also want to protect your life’s work as best you can. That’s why we designed Xtinguish. In a nutshell: this type of landscape turf is ideal for indoor use and has excellent flame-retardant properties. To illustrate, it meets all the European regulations for flame-retardant floor coverings (Bfl-s1). Together, we’ll keep your bar, hotel, store, convention center or other business safe. 

Cruise deck in turfgrass

Hospitality and commercial realizations with Turfgrass

Not sure if landscape turf is your cup of tea? Discover what these businesses realized after giving the green light to Turfgrass. 

Hotel with turfgrass around pool

No time like the present

Contact a certified Turfgrass expert for a personal quote based on your needs, landscape turf preferences, project dimensions and budget.