7 fun ways to use artificial grass

Artificial grass is mostly picked as an alternative to natural grass in a garden. By choosing artificial grass, you enjoy a great number of benefits, but artificial grass is certainly not limited to your backyard. There are many more possibilities! The only limit is your imagination.

7 fun ways

7 fun ways to use artificial grass

1. Use Turfgrass on your terrace, balcony or rooftop

No matter the size of your terrace, balcony or rooftop, you can easily have a patch of green there with Turfgrass artificial grass. It will provide your outdoor space with a natural green look and brightens up your home. Unlike real grass, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and it doesn’t need water or run to survive. Perfect for those who want a green oasis without the hassle or for spaces where natural grass simply cannot grow.

If you have a lot of traffic on your balcony, rooftop or terrace, be sure to go for a short to medium pile height. This way, the grass will not suffer from foot traffic or even garden furniture. In case fallen leaves or other debris find their way to your artificial grass, simply sweep or pick them up.

2. Pimp your garden furniture

Artificial grass is not limited to the floor. You can also use it on top of your table, your chairs or on a bench and you can even cover your sofa with it! Choose a dense, medium high pile carpet and experience how soft it is. You can easily sit on it all day long. The blades are resilient enough to recover afterwards, but you can also brush them back up for a nice, grassy result.

3. Decorate away!

Turfgrass artificial grass can even be used to make decorations. We offer one type of decoration ourselves: grass balls. But who knows what else you can make with Turfgrass artificial grass. We recommend you try it out and let us know!

4. Indoors

Using artificial grass indoors is possible, but we recommend to use our Xtinguish in this case. This product is flame retardant and was specially designed for indoor usage, as it is in line with the current European Bfl-S1 flooring building regulations. This way, you can install artificial grass and be rest assured that it is safe!

There are many options to upgrade your home with artificial grass. You can decorate a working space, a children’s room or a hobby room with Turfgrass artificial grass. It will give this space a natural and colourful look and will stimulate an energetic mood. Additionally, kids love artificial grass, because it’s soft to walk, sit or even fall on.

5. Professional use

Turfgrass artificial grass can also be used professionally. Companies can choose artificial grass to install in offices or they can create an indoor garden where their employees can easily relax during lunchtime. It is even possible to create a logo or design on the wall with artificial grass. We have made one ourselves! Again, we recommend using Xtinguish for this, since this is the safest option.

Some gyms choose artificial grass as a floor covering. Here the possibilities are endless. You can choose regular artificial grass or you can step up your game and go for Customgrass, our artificial grass that can be personalized to create logos or specific designs to fit perfectly in the interior of a gym. Imagine having a grass carpet with a running track on it!

6. In and around hotels

More and more hotels prefer artificial grass. They use it in their garden to achieve a perfect and lush garden all year long without a lot of maintenance. But even indoors, artificial grass can be used to create some surprising looks, for example on a wall, around a bar, as an indoor garden etc.

7. Be creative with Customgrass

If these possibilities are still not enough for you, have a look at our Customgrass products. We offer you the opportunity to design your own carpet, with up to 16 colours to pick from and measurements that can go up to 4 x 40 meters per single piece! Let your creativity guide you!