8 ways artificial grass pampers pets and prevents lawn hassles

We all love our dogs to the moon and back. However, your four-legged buddy isn’t always your lawn’s best friend. Heavy paw traffic and urine burns can leave brown patches in your previously pristine green lawn. Avoid the extra maintenance that comes with pets by choosing artificial grass. Your pet will thank you too!

8 ways artificial grass pampers your pets

Here's how artificial can benefit your pets

1. Soft touch and natural look

High-quality artificial grass doesn’t just look like the real deal – it also has a very soft feel to both bare feet and paws. Thanks to the synthetic turf’s polyethylene fibres, your furry friend will feel like they are walking on rose petals. Who wouldn’t love that?

2. Non-toxic

Is it possible for artificial grass to be unhealthy for animals? Rest assured: not only is synthetic grass perfectly safe, it might even be better for your health than natural grass, as you never need pesticides to keep your artificial lawn in pristine condition.

3. Pest free

When playing in natural grass, your dog can sometimes pick up unwanted hangers-on. Luckily, fleas, ticks and ants can’t thrive on an artificial lawn. So, let your dog zoom around to their heart’s content without worrying about unwelcome guests.

4. Mud free

Artificial grass will never get muddy, so your dog can play without leaving paw marks or dirt in your house afterwards, even in the rainiest weather. As mentioned above, your pet won’t bring in any pests after playing outside, either.

5. Wear resistant

No matter how active your dog is, it can never leave trampled spots in your synthetic lawn. Unlike their natural counterparts, artificial grass blades are designed to bounce right back up after being stepped on, and they will never wither or die.

6. Easy to clean

Dogs like to do their business outside – and potentially on your artificial lawn. If it happens, don’t worry: just scoop it up, rinse the grass off and go back to what you were doing. You can specifically choose shorter synthetic grass to make cleaning even simpler.

If your dog plays on the artificial grass lawn often, it could get a bit dusty. Just sweep the grass every once in a while to keep it clean and debris free!

7. Odour free

Don’t panic if your dog ‘marks its territory’ on your synthetic lawn. A quick rinse is enough to get rid of the odour, as it won’t be absorbed into the yarn. Ensure an outdoor space that is pleasant for both people and pups!

8. Comfortable play area on any surface

Have a dog that really loves to play on grass, but lacking an outside space where they can roam free? Consider installing a patch of artificial grass on a terrace, balcony, or even indoors. Your dog gets to feel those beloved blades under their paws – and you benefit from a tidy indoor space with a trendy outdoor vibe.