9 advantages of artificial grass vs. natural grass

Artificial grass is gaining ground in gardens, sports centres and hotels worldwide because of its many advantages vs. natural grass. The most obvious perks make artificial grass a flexible and affordable solution for an evergreen lawn. But did you know that it even brings more peace and tranquillity to your home? 

9 pros of artificial vs natural grass

Discover 9 pros of choosing fake grass over real grass.

1. It mimics nature wherever you want

Settling for a small city garden? Turn your disappointment into motivation! Use artificial grass to recreate the natural look and feel of a lawn, even if your outdoor space is limited to . Natural grass can’t live up to that advantage.

Fake turf brightens every outdoor and indoor space, and nobody will ever tell the difference from real grass. Thanks to new manufacturing technology and innovative design, artificial grass has become a lot more attractive over time: it no longer looks fake, comes in a and the

2. It stays perfectly green all year round

Actually, you will tell the difference – but only because it remains in perfect condition for many years. While natural grass withers in winter or scorches in summer, artificial grass looks impeccable in all seasons.

Thanks to special UV stabilisers, it keeps its lustrous green colour even after the sunniest of summers. And unlike natural grass, artificial grass also thrives in shaded areas in your garden. No bare patches in your lawn ever again. That’s a relief, right?

3. It safeguards quality time

Does your family keep a tight schedule for garden maintenance tasks? Or, are you constantly bickering over whose turn it is to weed and mow the lawn? Perfecting natural grass can be a nerve-racking hassle.

Going for   helps you bury the hatchet and spend more quality time with your loved ones. No more putting your gardening knowledge – and your patience – to the test or trying to operate expensive machinery. Just sit back and relax.

4. It’s eco-friendly

An artificial lawn immediately takes away the need for polluting lawnmowers, chemical fertilisers or excessive water usage to maintain it. And Turfgrass artificial grass adds some extra   to that: it’s 100% non-toxic and 100% lead free.

You can enjoy your amazing-looking lawn without having to feel guilty about any negative impact on the environment whatsoever.

5. Kids can play around safely

Don’t worry about children getting hurt on artificial grass. It’s almost as soft as a baby’s bottom. They can run around, roll around or take a nap on it – their sensitive skin won’t get irritated.

And, if they fall, the density and fluffiness of artificial grass protects them. They’ll get right back up again without any bruises.

6. It’s nonallergenic

If you suffer from allergies like hay fever, the runny nose and watery eyes are usually accompanied by mood swings and a bad temper.

It keeps the pollen away and gives your family members – and your health – a break. Fully enjoy those hot summer nights in your backyard without all the sneezing.

7. No more dirty foot and paw prints

Rain and snow can quickly turn natural grass into a marshy or muddy field – and your living room floor into a hot mess. Instead of following around your kids and pets with a mop when they come into the house, make your life a little easier by choosing artificial grass.

The makes your lawn withstand any weather condition: no puddles, no mud, and it will even dry quicker than natural grass.

8. It saves you money

Contrary to popular belief, an artificial lawn doesn’t break the bank. In fact, it can even help you save money in the long run.

Artificial grass requires only a one-time investment, while natural lawn implies a lot of recurring maintenance costs: fertilisers, water, gardening tools and whatnot. Every extra penny counts!

9. It’s easy to install

Unlike natural grass, you can install the artificial kind on any type of surface: concrete, tile, cement and, of course, soil. Want to have a go at the installation yourself? Make sure to avoid these .

If you’re not the handy type or want a guaranteed perfect result, our certified installers will give you peace of mind and place it for you. There’s always a local Turfgrass expert around that will gladly help you every step of the way.


Ready to enjoy the perks of artificial grass over natural grass? Bring peace and tranquillity back to your home.