9+ artificial grass business opportunities worth exploring for installers and distributors

The artificial grass market is booming. Discover business opportunities for landscaping, sports, businesses and events to tap into as an installer or distributor.


Artificial grass business is booming

The artificial grass industry is growing like never before. With soaring demand for artificial grass in residential, commercial and sports settings across the globe, high-reward business opportunities are there for the taking. Whether you’re a seasoned artificial grass installer or distributor, or you’re new to the field, focusing on these customer groups will set you apart from other suppliers in your area.

Many governmental entities are imposing restrictions on water usage for the maintenance of home, business, public and sport grounds to face water shortages, partly induced by global warming. As artificial grass eliminates the need to water lawns and grass fields, this is one of the main reasons artificial grass is gaining ground throughout the world.

Impressive growth rate

According to market research by Technavio, the global artificial grass market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate close to 13% from 2019 to 2023.

But water savings aren’t the only driver for artificial grass’ rising popularity. Numerous other benefits are propelling demand forward, opening up multiple business opportunities for you to take a piece of the lucrative pie.

If prospects are looking for any of the following 8 advantages for their outdoor flooring, artificial grass might be the right fit:

1. Low-maintenance
2. Low-cost 
3. durable 
4. able to withstand high traffic 
5. non-allergenic 
6. non-toxic and lead-free
7. child- and pet-friendly
8. pristine all year round

Your target market(s) can be found in many industries. And you don’t even have to restrict your services to outdoor applications. Let’s dive into the pool of opportunities!


Possible target markets for artificial grass installers and distributors

Since artificial grass appeals to a wide range of customers, applications are mainly segmented into three overarching categories: leisure and landscaping, sport , and business and events. We’ve compiled a list of business opportunities worth exploring, along with key arguments for choosing artificial grass for each of them. Use them to your advantage!


Leisure & landscaping

Low-maintenance grass fields that look perfectly green in every season while being 100% safe for children and pets – that’s mainly what triggers the following kinds of customers to choose artificial grass:



  • playgrounds and schools: a hygienic, soft surface for children to run around on offers peace of mind for parents, guardians and teachers.


  • parks and public places: for areas which have to cope with high levels of foot traffic, artificial grass outperforms natural grass every time.  


Pro tip: new construction sites for residential, commercial or public buildings might open up opportunities to introduce artificial grass right from the start. You might want to investigate the possibility of pairing up with project developers.


Business and events

First impressions are everything. This also rings true for businesses and commercial settings alike. Artificial grass keeps its lush appearance for many years to come, saving both time and money on maintenance.


  • offices: artificial grass makes company grounds look more appealing, which improves visitors’, clients’ and co-workers’ perception of a business.
  • hospitality: an artificial lawn gives guests at locations such as hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, and bars a warm welcome and improves the guest experience in every weather condition.
  • trade fairs: sprucing up an event location with artificial grass elevates visitors’ experience right from the start.


Pro tip: specialised artificial grass with fire-retardant qualities can also be used for all kinds of interior decorating purposes: from indoor gardens and artificial grass walls to colourful company-branded grass carpets. Turfgrass’ Xtinguish collection, for example, complies with all safety and fire regulations.


Stand out from the competition

Finding out how strong the local competition is in these domains is a great way to determine which customer groups could be of interest to you as an artificial grass installer or distributor. Once you know how other artificial grass businesses in your area have positioned themselves in the market, you can draft your own business plan and show how you stand out in the crowd.


In addition to your business plan, outperforming the competition starts with excelling in terms of material quality and service. You’ll need to offer high-quality artificial grass products that look real and can withstand significant wear, and you should make sure you’re offering the best-possible advisory or installation services.


Not certain where to start? Turfgrass has done all the leg work for you.


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