Artificial grass for football: 8 reasons why

Artificial football pitches have risen in popularity in sports clubs, stadiums, schools and public sports grounds all over the world. The many benefits for football athletes, fans and your wallet outweigh the initial investment immediately. From increased safety to a perfect-looking pitch in every season: find out 8 reasons why artificial grass is the perfect surface for playing football.

Inspiration 13 October 2021
8 reasons to use artificial grass for football fields

Artificial grass for football: 8 reasons why

What are the benefits of artificial grass for football?

Some football players – and their moms – are raising their eyebrows: ‘Can you play excellent football on artificial grass?’ Of course you can!

The days when artificial grass was made of hard, stiff plastic are long gone. The structure of artificial solutions has changed tremendously over the years, giving it the look, feel and even ball bounce capacities of a natural grass surface. But that’s not the only reason artificial grass makes for a perfect football pitch.

1. Reliable and consistent playing surface

A natural football field suffers greatly from heavy foot traffic. With cleats grinding into the dirt every practice and match, ruts and bumps in the surface are inevitable. If you’re tired of patching up holes and keeping the field flat, artificial grass will be a real gamechanger.

A football pitch with artificial grass ensures perfect playing conditions for many years to come. Even more: it doesn’t need a recovery period in between matches. You can host many subsequent games, and even after the last one of the season, your field will still be in great condition.

2. Ready for use in any weather condition

Playing on a muddy and puddled field might strengthen your players’ warrior attitude, but it won’t help them win any matches. If the condition of your grass pitch is too poor to play on, you might even have to reschedule your games, disturbing both schedules and morale.

Artificial grass is an absolute winner in all weather conditions: from heavy rainfall to frozen winters and long hot summers, it’s always ready to handle your players trotting out onto the field.

3. It keeps your players safe

Your players are less likely to trip or fall when they have a perfectly flat football pitch beneath their feet that doesn’t get slippery when it rains. Artificial grass stays strong during the roughest of games, and so do your players.

Passing, tackling and scoring in the heat of a football match takes a heavy toll on the body, especially the knees. Artificial grass helps cut down on injuries that keep players off the field. It absorbs shocks and reduces impact, thanks to the combination of soft turf fibres, infill and, in most cases, a special shock pad layer underneath the football turf.

4. Little to no maintenance

A well-maintained football field is key for successful passes, assists and Maradona turns. That’s not only because it’s easier to play on, but also because the appearance of a perfect pitch boosts confidence and team pride during home games. And your fans? They will feel nothing but enthusiastic about cheering you on with such an enjoyable view.

Unlike real grass pitches, artificial football fields don’t require a lot of maintenance. Apart from some regular cleaning, it’s almost a no-score draw for time and money spent. Since you don’t have to mow, trim, fertilise and water an artificial football pitch, it pays for itself in a relatively short time.

5. More durable than natural grass

If you want to get the best return on your investment in a football field installation, artificial grass is the better choice. High-quality artificial turf that’s designed for your purpose – setting the stage for fantastic football games – always scores higher in terms of durability and resilience than a natural field.

Withstanding the wear and tear of about 10,000 hours of play per year, the lifespan of an artificial football field is considerably longer than the annual 400 to 800 hours of a natural field. And thanks to UV-resistant and colour-fast fibres, it always keeps its amazing green hue.

6. Make money out of it

We bet the sports club next door will be jealous of your artificial turf … Well, invite them over! With a football field which easily stands up to continuous use, you could consider renting it out to other teams and sports clubs. Or double your own use of the field by growing your teams and enlisting more players.

Besides, your artificial grass field doesn’t have to be used exclusively for football. Make optimal use of your available space by permanently marking your field for other sports as well.

7. Perfect inside and out

One of the most underestimated advantages of artificial grass is that it doesn’t need sunlight to grow. Do you have large stands that put most of your field in the shade? Or do you want to spruce up your indoor sports facilities with a touch of turf? Artificial grass is the perfect solution.

You might even take it up a notch by adding artificial grass to your locker rooms or cafeteria. Looking for inspiration? Check out these 7 fun ways to use artificial grass.

8. Expert advice on the best artificial grass for your football field

Turfgrass offers an extensive range of revolutionary artificial grass designed especially for football fields. Our local experts will gladly help you select the best fit for your club: the right pile height, colour, drainage system and stability characteristics.

All of our products are made in Europe and come with an extensive guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your football field will last for many years.