Artificial grass is perfectly safe for kids: 8 reasons why

Artificial grass is a blessing for every busy (grand)parent: it’s easy to maintain and looks perfect all year round. But is your artificial lawn also safe for kids? When you have children going on adventures in the garden, your number 1 priority is to keep them healthy and safe, right? With artificial grass installed in your family backyard or on your patio, you don’t have to worry. Here’s why.

Turfgrass is perfectly safe for kids

Is artificial grass safe for babies, toddlers and kids?

Long story short: yes, artificial grass is perfectly safe for kids, from new-born babies to toddlers and teens.

‘Artificial grass is not suitable for children’ is a persistent myth that blemishes its reputation. Sure, earlier versions might have been hard and scratchy. But thanks to advances in technology and science, artificial grass is generally a safe bet nowadays for children and the rest of your family. It’s also a popular solution for playgrounds and schoolyards!

How safe is ‘safe’?

That said, there are also low-quality types of artificial grass on the market. If you want to ensure your kids’ safety and health, steer clear of those. Always go for an artificial grass manufacturer who can guarantee you the following characteristics. That way, you might even find artificial grass to be a safer choice than natural grass.

1. Non-toxic and lead free

To maintain a natural lawn, you regularly have to apply fertilisers and pesticides. Children might come into contact with these harmful chemicals when they’re rolling around on the lawn or if they – don’t think they don’t – put grass in their mouths.

By installing artificial grass in your backyard instead, you keep these toxins at bay. Not only because your artificial lawn doesn’t need this kind of maintenance – in fact, it hardly needs any maintenance – but also because superior fake grass is manufactured using 100% non-toxic and lead-free materials.

2. Soft on the skin

High-quality artificial grass gives your children a beautifully green and fluffy playing, napping or somersaulting outdoor area in all seasons. They can spend all the time they want on your artificial lawn; the fibres won’t irritate your children’s sensitive skin.

3. Clumsiness friendly

With toddlers learning to walk or overly active kids racing around all day, the next fall and accompanying crying fit are just moments away. The density and softness of artificial grass offer a slight cushioning effect, protecting kids when it happens.

You’ll notice the biggest difference when you install artificial grass on the hard surface of your patio, terrace or balcony (no more carpet burns) and around your swimming pool (no more slippery surfaces).

4. High hygiene level

Another reason why artificial grass is a safe bet for children? It’s made with polyethylene and polypropylene fibres, materials that don’t attract mites, ticks or other insects, unlike natural grass.

Also, don’t worry about food residue or dog droppings infesting your lawn with bacteria. You can easily clean artificial grass: simply pick up the waste carefully and give your lawn a quick rinse with the hose.

5. Cool under little feet

Terrace tiles or paving stones can become too hot to walk on barefooted in summer. Luckily there are infill options that create more stability for your artificial grass and at the same time help cool your lawn.

If you add sand between the fibres of your lawn, the sand retains water – from dew or a little water sprinkling. This helps reduce the temperature of your artificial grass. So when installing your artificial grass, be sure to provide infill.

Benefits that also come in handy for mom and dad

So, it’s safe to say that artificial grass is safe for kids. But Turfgrass artificial grass also has some other perks that will make any parent or grandparent happy.

6. Mud and puddle free

If your children go out into the garden after heavy rainfall, they’re going to get dirty and leave muddy footprints all over the house. That is, unless you have artificial grass installed with an excellent drainage system.

Turfgrass artificial grass has a drainage capacity of 60 litres per minute per square meter. It doesn’t puddle or get marshy, keeping your children and your house clean.

7. Resistant to wear and tear

Your little rascals can run around and play as much as they want to. Our artificial grass is very strong and can handle being pulled and trampled by little hands and feet.

The piles are attached to a primary backing made of polyurethane which enables them to adhere better than any other type of backing. Rest assured, a Turfgrass artificial lawn isn’t easily damaged.

8. Score points

If you really want to wow your children, you could turn your garden into a colourful outdoor playing area with Customgrass. Combine different bright colours, add crazy designs or even a hopscotch diagram.

Your kids will love this exclusive type of artificial grass. The best part? Customgrass offers all the safety benefits mentioned above. No worries, no maintenance, only fun.