Delight guests with artificial grass at your hotel or B&B

Don’t underestimate the importance of your outdoor areas when it comes to delighting your hotel or B&B guests. Spruce up your garden, children’s playground or event spaces with artificial grass. We bet you’ll get lots of raving reviews! Discover how an artificial lawn improves the guest experience in hospitality.

Wow hotel and B&B visitors with artificial grass

How artificial grass at your hotel or B&B leaves a lasting impression on your guests

Why hotel and B&B guests love artificial grass

No two guests checking in into your hotel or B&B are the same. However, they all have one thing topping their bucket list: enjoying their stay as much as possible.

Having a perfectly-kept lawn that is neat and beautiful at all times will definitely help to take your guest experience to the next level. What’s more? Artificial turf, or synthetic grass, also saves you time and money – leaving you with more resources to spend on delighting your customers.

Amazing first impression

First impressions are everything, especially in hospitality. An entryway with lush grass at the sides or a perfectly manicured lawn surrounding your property? It’s an immediate sign for arriving guests that you care about delivering quality.

Artificial grass makes it really easy to do it. It looks perfect in all seasons: it’s UV resistant and colour fast, and doesn’t require constant trimming or mowing. It’ll give your guests a warm welcome that impacts their lasting opinion of the venue and their entire stay.

High comfort

Although some guests seem to pack their entire closet for a two-week vacation, they won’t be amused if they have to switch shoes and clothes every time they walk through your swampy lawn. Your cleaning staff won’t be cheering, either.

Artificial grass doesn’t puddle or get muddy, keeping your guests happy and clean – even after the heaviest of rainfalls. It’s never under the weather; it feels nice and soft to walk on at every moment.

No slipping hazard

When you’re hosting a pool party or see children running around the pool area, the last thing you need is someone slipping on a wet surface. They might get injured – and you don’t want to be held responsible for negligence.

There’s an easy way to avoid that: artificial grass! It’s the perfect flooring solution for the surroundings of your swimming pool, since it avoids the risk of anyone slipping or tripping on wet tiles.

Wow your guests indoors and outdoors

Weddings, conferences, business anniversaries, family vacations … A lush evergreen lawn quickly moves you up on many event planners’ preferred venue lists. Fake grass looks just like the real deal, but withstands heavy foot traffic and fickle weather conditions a hundred times better.

But why stop with the outdoor areas of your hotel or B&B when you can also impress your guests with artificial grass on the inside? Consider adding a splash of green in guest rooms, on balconies, or even create a relaxing indoor garden. There are so many fun ways to use artificial grass. Let your imagination run free!

Lasting impression? Check. What was that thing about saving time and money?

It’s clear: artificial grass is a great asset that your guests will enjoy. But as much as it’s nice to look at or curl up on with a good book, there are other important advantages an artificial lawn brings to the table for hotels and B&Bs.

Save money

There’s so much work that needs to be done if you want a natural lawn to look lush and green around the clock. Trimming, mowing, watering, fertilising – it hardly ever ends. Maintenance costs can quickly go through the roof.

Artificial grass, however, requires almost no time, effort or money to keep in pristine condition. You’ll never have to fix dead patches, it lasts for many years, and still it needs only the bare minimum in maintenance. Investing in a fake lawn once costs a lot less than maintaining a natural one.

Make money

It even adds value to your property. When the time comes to sell your hotel or B&B, potential buyers will be willing to pay more because of the aesthetic and functional advantages of your artificial lawn.