What is the best length or pile height for artificial grass?

When choosing the perfect artificial grass for your project, there are lots of things to consider: resilience, colour and density, to name just a few. What’s often overlooked, however, is pile height – the length of your artificial grass. Indeed, it’s possible to get stuck with artificial grass that’s too short or too long. Follow these guidelines to get it right the first time!

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What you need to know about pile height

What is pile height?

Pile height is the length of the blades, measured from the backing to the tip. It’s expressed in millimetre (mm) and ranges from less than 10 mm to over 50 mm. For lawns and gardens, pile heights between 25 mm and 40 mm are most common.

Finding the right pile height for your project all depends on the intended use. How much foot traffic are you expecting? For example, contact sports, such as football or rugby, require different artificial grass solutions than untrodden home lawns. Aesthetics can also be a gamechanger: what should your artificial grass look like? Some prefer short, neat grass, while others want longer, lush-looking artificial grass.

Pile height: artificial grass of 20 mm or less

When there are pets and kids around, most people go for a lower pile height for their artificial grass. It makes cleaning easier, and this way, you prevent your dog or cat from waging war with your garden – and winning. Short artificial grass also looks neater. That’s why decorative designs can be found in this category of pile heights. Last but not least, certain sports, such as padel and tennis, are bound to strict infrastructure rules that require short grass.

Pile height: artificial grass between 20 mm and 30 mm

The longer the grass, the more realistic your artificial landscaping project will look. On the other hand, a lengthy lawn or terrace makes removing dirt or leaves slightly more time consuming. If you’re looking to combine the best of both worlds, 20 mm to 30 mm is your go-to pile height for artificial grass. Your lawn will look like it’s just been mowed and, together with the right pile density, should be resilient enough to tolerate a great deal of foot traffic.

Pile height: artificial grass between 30 mm and 40 mm

This length is ideal if you’re going for the perfect realistic look. Moreover, it will add softness to your artificial grass. Children will love to play on it while enjoying the tickling feeling of grass blades between their toes. It’s no wonder that a 30 mm pile height is the preferred option for the majority of professional landscaping projects. Thanks to technological advances, this somewhat longer artificial grass stays resilient all year long.

Pile height: artificial grass of 40 mm or more

For those who love artificial grass that looks lush, luxurious and even a bit wild, tall blades will do the trick. Especially if you’re expecting limited foot traffic, this pile height can be a real eye-catcher. But is 40mm artificial grass too long? Even with more heavy foot traffic, you shouldn't discard this option. Choose a top-performing product with the right (amount of) infill and your blades will be very resilient