A touch of lime for a sunny day - 30mm

Combining two different yarn families, the 30 mm Jucar is the value for money solution for gardens and public spaces. Featuring a high stitch density, it seamlessly combines durability, resilience and UV resistance into a single product, with an extremely soft touch.

Jucar product


  • Total weight (appr.) [g/m²]: 1565
  • Finishing Composition: Polyurethane


  • Gauge: 3/8""
  • Pile height [mm]: 30
  • Tuft Stitches [/lm]: 160
  • Tuft Stitches [/m²]: 16800

Primary Backing

  • Backing Type: Single backing
  • Backing Composition: Polypropylene


  • Yarn Type: Monofilament Mix
  • Pile Composition: 55%PE - 45%PP
  • Total Dtex: 7500
  • Pile weight (appr.) [g/m²]: 880
Jucar spec

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