A natural looking champion - 40mm

Praderia, with its 40 mm soft and extremely resistant fibres, is the ideal product for those who want an attractive and natural looking product, that also scores great in durability and resistance. In addition, its subtle combination of green, brown and beige makes it a fresh and vivid lawn.

Praderia grass


  • Total weight (appr.) [g/m²]: 2373
  • Finishing Composition: Polyurethane


  • Gauge: 3/8""
  • Pile height [mm]: 39
  • Tuft Stitches [/lm]: 170
  • Tuft Stitches [/m²]: 17850

Primary Backing

  • Backing Type: Single backing
  • Backing Composition: Polypropylene


  • Yarn Type: Monofilament Mix
  • Pile Composition: 70%PE - 30%PP
  • Total Dtex: 10400
  • Pile weight (appr.) [g/m²]: 1588
Praderia sideview

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