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Whether you’re tired of non-stop garden upkeep or you’re looking for an alternative for places where grass doesn’t grow, Turfgrass gives you instant grassification for every application.

  • green all year round 
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  • quality on a budget 
  • child and pet friendly 
  • environmentally friendly 
  • more time to enjoy life


10 DIY mistakes to avoid

Looks and feels almost like real grass: see for yourself

With so many different types of natural-looking grass, it’s not always easy to choose the right artificial grass for your project. Get in touch for expert advice or request free samples.


The grass will always be greener on your side of the fence

Browse through our extensive collection of artificial grass products, suitable for every application. Can you tell the difference from real grass?


Paradise Product

A touch of paradise - 50mm

Euphoria Product

Energizing and refreshing - 40mm


Professionally installed for exquisite results

With a professional installing your artificial grass, you’ll finally get the lawn you’ve always dreamt of. To ensure flawless installation and sound advice, all of our installers have been trained and certified by the Turfgrass Grass Academy. 

Request a quote from one of our certified installers near you. We’ll gladly help you every step of the way.

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Are you looking for artificial grass for your company grounds, sports club or event? Or do you want to join our network as a professional Turfgrass dealer or installer? 

Get inspired

Read more about the benefits of artificial grass, discover helpful tips and tricks and let your imagination soar at the thought of your dream garden.

5 ways to repair damaged artificial grass

Evergreen and year-round pristine: an artificial lawn is the centrepiece of many outdoor and indoor living areas. Although its durable materials and super strong backing make quality artificial grass withstand quite some wear and tear, it’s not immune to damage. Not to worry: with our expert tips and step-by-step instructions you’ll know how to repair damaged artificial grass yourself!

9 pros of artificial vs natural grass

Artificial grass is gaining ground in gardens, sports centres and hotels worldwide because of its many advantages vs. natural grass.

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Golden Max

Soil, concrete, wood, brick, plastic; you name it, we can lay artificial grass on it – as long as you have a level area with good drainage.

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