Designed for football matches where creativity and player comfort matter, #Elite features a bicolor star-shaped monofilament yarn, providing long life performance. #Elite turf systems meet national and international norms, and are approved by sports government bodies worldwide. This FIFA-certified solution is available in various configurations, offering customers the choice of foam-shockpads, in situ e-layers and several performance infills (BrockFill, Cork, SBR).

Elite proplay brock



  • Bicolour Green

Primary Backing

  • Backing Type: Multilayer interlaced stabilized fabric
  • Backing composition: 100% PP, UV Stabilized


  • Yarn Type: Monofilament Straight 
  • Yarn Shape: Star
  • Pile Composition: 100% PE, UV stabilized
  • Total Dtex: 14600/6
  • Yarn total thickness: 485 µm


  • FIFA, World Rugby, KNVB, EN15330-1, NF-P90-112, Nordic
Fusion flatlay

Alternative systems

Maxx Trocellen SBR

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

Fusion Elayer cork

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

Classic Elayer

Years of intense gameplay and playing fun

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