#XtremeTurf SD

SD sand-dressed/semi-waterbased is designed for Hockey use and consists of a tufted blend of polyethylene texturised fiber on a reinforced backing. The system is installed over a suitable substrate provided by the buyer in accordance with designs and specifications recommended.

HockeySD sand



  • Olive Green, Field Green, Blue

Tufting / Weaving

  • Pile height [mm]: 18

Primary Backing

  • Backing Type: Woven Fabric With Fleece Plus Reinforced Scrim
  • Backing composition: PP / glass-fibre


  • Yarn Type: Monofilament Texturized
  • Yarn Shape: Diamond
  • Pile Composition: 100% PE, UV stabilized
  • Total Dtex: 6800/8

Alternative systems

Hockey trocellen no infill

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

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